Off Season Boat Projects

The 2023 boating season will be here before we know it. While this week seems like a tease to many of us with daydreams of being back on the water, this is the perfect opportunity to work on some of your Off Season Boat Projects.

  • Instrumentation Upgrades
  • Marine Audio upgrade
  • Prop Replacement or tune ups
  • Revamp your bilge
  • Clean or rebuild your carburetor
  • Check batteries, remove corrosion or replace batteries
  • Repair – navigation lights, old hoses, gaskets, fuel supply lines, pumps, clamps
  • Fix scratches and gel coat chips
  • Interior projects such as carpet and upholstery

Finally, this is your chance to review the USCG’s safety requirements to ensure a smooth start to your season. Check PFD’s, fire extinguishers, flares and other distress signals, ECOS devices, and First Aid Kits. This is also a great chance to take or refresh your boating safety course.

Give us a call at 443-569-1274 or email us at [email protected] to discuss any of your off season projects!